I have had the pleasure providing services to Detroit's finest organizations and businesses including College for Creative Studies, Detroit Athletic Club, Detroit Lions, DTE, Focus Hope, Ford Field, Henry Ford Hospital, Lowe Campbell Ewald, UAW, Quicken Loans, Submerge Records, Wayne State University. Offerings include Mindbody Seminars, Yoga Classes, and "education, engagement and communication" services that bolster participation for corporate wellness programs. 

Hamtramck Studio is available for private groups and individual sessions. 

"Although yoga as a practice is therapeutic, there are significant differences between a yoga teacher and a yoga therapist and between a yoga class and a yoga therapy session."  by GARY KRAFTSOW, read more here.

Yoga Therapy is an application of yoga modalities (breathing, exercise, meditation, etc.) for relief from a symptom or health condition. It is like a private yoga class, but offers customized and specific yoga methods to assist the individual. Sessions can be done in your home, at your therapists home or at an associated physician's office. 

There are thousands of studies on both the immediate and long-term benefits of meditation, mindfulness practice, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. These practices are being used in workplaces, boardrooms, schools, prisons, and hospitals across the world. Mindfulness enhances emotional intelligence, notably self-awareness and has the capacity to manage distressing emotions. Corporate Mindfulness sessions can help improve people's well being in the workplace, and provide morale and team building. I provide seminars, classes or complete programs of combined theory and practice for individuals or any size group.

Corporate or semi-private yoga classes can be established at your location. Classes can be taught virtually anywhere, and to any size group. They can be tailored to specific needs including style of class, length of class, and time of day. I offer competitive pricing, internal marketing support, and authentic and skillful instruction. Classes can include meditation, informational talks, and group walking meditation. If you choose to purchase sessions for your location, I offer an in-studio discount rate to your participants who wish to explore practicing at my studio BE NICE Yoga in Detroit.

Private yoga instruction can be tailored for individuals (or small groups) who wish to address specific needs. A routine of postures, meditations, and/or breathing techniques are customized to address the changes and improvements you desire: strength, flexibility, agility, healthy weight goals, improved athletic ability, pain management, healing from injury, etc. Hand-on adjustments are offered for a deeper understanding of postures, and to increase your range of motion. Both in-studio (at BE NICE Yoga) and home instruction available. Fees generally range between $70-160 depending on instruction, time of day, distance travelled, and length of session.

To schedule privates, group sessions, or seminars please contact me here