I accept individuals for Yoga Classes, Yoga Therapy (including pre-natal), and Meditation in my home or can travel to a space your provide.

I offer Individual Meditation Instruction and Yoga Therapy appointments  at The Miletic Center for Integrated Health Systems in Bloomfield Hills. 

I take Yoga Therapy appointments with individuals at The Institute of Neuromuscular Medicine in Detroit. 

I'm a versatile yoga instructor who is skillful in several styles of yoga including Vinyasa, Restorative, Hatha and the Ashtanga-based yoga. Regardless of the style, I design classes to be a balance of education and experience. In addition to helping you "be in the body” through the postures and movement, my classes may include modalities such as pranayama and meditation. You can book me to teach yoga classes (individual or small groups). 

I am a meditation teacher and mindfulness educator. Mental states (like stress or anxiety and low moods) arise in relation to the overlap of life history, biochemistry, and life experiences - including challenging times. Meditation can help you learn to ‘be with’ and manage difficult internal patterns and experiences so that you don’t make them more painful than they need to be. Through practice you may find yourself accepting both the joys and sorrows that flow through life, so that you can honestly celebrate being alive. Mindfulness techniques are easy. You will learn to tap into your inner stability so that you can stop overthinking, better manage life’s challenges, and be open to new opportunities. 

I am a yoga therapist. I can help empower individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being. Yoga therapy is also good for people recovery from illness, injury or surgery. Yoga therapy can address lifestyle changes, assists in pain management and help in prevention or recovery from injury.

My hope is to teach you an integrated practice that bolster's the best health practices - along with a sense of self-mastery - so you are a participant in a lifelong practice of well-being. Fees range from $30 and up, depending on time of lesson, how many lesson's are booked, and my availability. Currently I do not offer public classes.