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Energy Lessons

More people are turning to somatic practices to help them heal and live a more authentic life. What exactly are these practices and how do they work?

"Somatic movement is not about functional movement," says Continuum teacher and somatic educator Elaine Colandrea. "We are actually taking a holiday from movement in service to specific activities and instead move from inner sensation, curiosity, and pleasure, which brings us to an inner state of beauty, wholeness, and wonder. When we return to functional movement, to our everyday activities, we often have more capacity for life as we let that wholness inform all the ways we move in the world.

Somatic approaches are used in a number of fields—including psychology, movement, dance, and bodywork. Here are some of the more popular practices by category, but keep in mind that much like the holistic approach of somatics itself, some of these practices will overlap into multiple categories.