Reason for the Season

There is a feeling of excitement and fun during the holiday season, but as we all know there may also be a certain amount of stress. For those who are feeling positive anticipation, the holiday time can enhance the loving emotional experiences and bring joy to the heart. For those who are already struggling with stress, anxiety, eating disorders, depression, addictive illness, and loneliness - you may fear that the holiday will intensify your struggles.

During this time at BE NICE I hope to offer both a place of joy in practice, as well as a refuge for those who are seeking support. As I always say in class, practice is the one place where you can be assured that judgement should be suspended. Come "feel what you feel" and let your teacher and your practice both support and guide you.

If you are struggling this holiday season, begin with self-compassion as a starting point. Again, drop the guilt and remember that "the reason for the season" is up to you. You can decide why this time is important to you and how you want to experience it. Take hold of this time by letting go of tightly wound expectations and future worries. Seize this moment, as it is what creates your experience.

You may also reach out to individuals and ask for love and friendship that is available to you. Perhaps your mission can be to honor the spiritual meaning of the holiday, and connection to what is truly important to you. May you and those you love be blessed.