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Summer Session
BOOK NOW for complementary wellness sessions during June and July - deadline is May 15

For the summer season the Detroit Lion’s and Ford Field offer specific and personalized services to each tenant at Ford Field. Seminars and classes are offered free of charge and can be held inside of your tenant offices or in an area provided complements of Ford Field (subject to availability).  Appointments will be managed directly through Monica Breen. Below are some classes and events that can be arranged for your employees.

• Exclusive Yoga Classes – book a series of yoga classes in your office or at a local park.
Meditation Seminar – interactive seminar that explains how mindfulness can benefit employees and includes a Q&A, resources and the experience of a short meditation session.
Mindfulness Sessions – book one or a series of sessions that an be geared towards certain topics like conflict resolution, healthy habit building, improved listening skills, etc.
Chair Yoga – chair yoga and information on ergonomics of sitting.
Seated Postural Habit Screening – an option for employees to sign-up for a short one-on-one desk consult to help improve sitting habits.
• Walking programs  – create, incentivise, and communicate a walking schedule; lead walks.

Benefits of wellness offerings:

  • Minimizes stress and tension

  • Increases concentration and focus

  • Improves postures

  • Helps to rejuvenate and refresh

  • Lowers employee absenteeism

  • Makes employees feel valued

  • Promotes camaraderie. community


Past Session

Fall Session: 10/10 – 12/12
Mindful Movement: Tuesday 12-12:50PM
Functional Movement: Thursday 12-12:50PM
Winter Session: 1/8-3/14
Mindful Movement: Tuesday 12-12:50PM
Vinyasa Yoga: Thursday 12-12:50PM

Spring Session: 3/19th – 5/30
Mindful Movement: Tuesday 12-12:50PM
Functional Movement: Thursday 12-12:50PM