Some spiritual traditions would ask for you to sit in a particular position. Here I suggest a few different ways to sit if you are not working in the framework of one of those traditions.

Perfect Daily Meditation

A relaxing meditation - perfect for daily practice. Designed for beginners and advance meditators alike, this track provides subtle skill building opportunities. Most of the session is guided but there is short unguided period which allows for watching the mind and breath. This provides an opportunity to become more adept at directing the mind’s activity -a stepping stone to more focus in daily life.

17 Minutes


Live a Smoke Free Life

Congratulations for taking one small but mighty steps to move you towards a smoke-free life!

When you crave a cigarette but don't want to go there, try this short meditation instead. In the same amount of time it would take you to poison your body with a cigarette, you'll be building your personal power. Every time you create space between you and your smoking "trigger" you build more inner strength.

"Meditation for smokers" helps build the skills you need to identify environmental and social cues which create your cravings in the first place. By developing this ability to identify cues (meta awareness)  you start to break the link between "the cue" and the smoking. If this is the first step on your smoke-free journey, consider adding other reinforcements like counseling, group therapy, and possibly short term pharmacotherapy to ensure your success.

Fact: Unhealthy behaviors account for nearly 40% of all deaths in the United States. The single greatest opportunity to improve your health and reduce premature deaths is the modification of personal behavior.

6 Minutes

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