Therapy Practice Experience
Your body is a rich source of information. Gesture, postures, pace of movement, muscle tension, relaxation and breathing is information, and can create metaphor and learning for other parts of your life. And so the impact of the practice is not limited to your physicality. In a non-intrusive and gentle manner, we experience the body as mindfulness in a psychodynamic way. I hope I can help you to see all that is possible - that our work together will keep you body healthy as you process life experiences, and stay in touch with the larger transformation that is possible.


Yoga with Optional Bodywork

Mindful Movement with Thai Yoga Bodywork

If you’ve ever taken a Hatha yoga class, this is similar but with an updated approach to movement and postures based on best practices of joint and muscle health. The session is designed to give an appropriate amount of physical exercise with particular attention to individual concerns around injury, (perceived) physical weaknesses and/or current state of emotional health. Practice is designed with “safe/brave space” in mind. You’ll be encouraged to work with your intuition in the framework of thoughtful sequences of movement and postures. When I design your experience, there’s care given to the development and health of both the respiratory and nervous systems.

This practice is about 80% movement and ends with 20% bodywork if Thai yoga work is desired. You’ll finish with a feeling of accomplishment and inner balance.


Respite Sessions

yoga for menopause restorative yoga

Designed to support you during life transitions or if you are prone to burnout. The session’s principals and techniques can support you after a death of a loved one, if you have chronic pain, for autoimmune disorders, during perimenopause, postpartum difficulty, during periods of loneliness, or drastic life change. Sessions can be fortifying, bringing you skills to weather all of life challenges. The heart of our session is intuitive movement combined with restful poses, seamlessly developed in-collaboration together with the goal of balancing the nervous system and releasing the burden of unnecessary stress.

The underlying principal for me is to “meet you where you’re at” in a respectable and safe space. You won’t be asked to “heal” or fix yourself in this space. Instead, this is a place of respite, where you can be present and find acceptance of life as it unfolds. Over time you will see the session work like an invisible training, fortifying your ability to weather all circumstances, Over time you will become more receptive and present during both the joy and challenge of life.


Pre-natal Sessions


I am a believer in building community through group prenatal yoga classes, but If I am not offering pre-natal group classes or if you desire one-on-one session let’s talk. Prenatal sessions can offer physical comfort and preparedness for all stages of pregnancy and labor. Sessions can also transform less-productive energy (like fear) into a positive force to assist you in pregnancy, labor, post-partum and motherhood. Having A calm and peaceful environment for you and your baby will help with the developing mother-child relationship. Sessions are geared towards confidence and skill in birth (with researched and safe exercises) as well as what it means to be an intuitively-conscious parent. If you have friends who are also pregnant ask about arranging small group pre-natal sessions.

There is no better time than now to invest in “self-care with meaning”.


Integrative Healing

My home studio in Detroit

A restorative yoga sequence means is deep and sacred rest. Sessions typically involve postures that are entirely supported by props. This allows you to completely relax, which invites your body to use it’s innate wisdom for inner restoration and healing. Held for 3-5 minutes or more, restorative poses include twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends.

These sessions an excellent choice for people who do not often have a chance to relax or who are suffering from chronic stress. It is appropriate for those who have suffered trauma and need to release in a safe environment. Restorative is also a good choice for those who never take time for themselves and need a framework for that commitment. After every session you’ll feel grounded and more receptive to life.

You may request integrative practices that will help you process your experiences.


In addition I offer reiki, aromatherapy, pranayama (for improved breathing and mental clarity), guided meditation practice, yoga nidra (restful but active technique to help you face life's challenges and find contentment/purpose), and personalized in-home practice development plans. Please express your interest when booking your appointment.


Therapy Experience Practice

Meditation and energy therapies such as Reiki or Guided Rest/Restorative sessions will leave you feeling at-home in your body. You will step into the world with renewed grace and ease.. The effects are accumulative and over time with steady sessions and practice, you will find transformation and healing.

Reiki: a light touch, non-invasive energy therapy. The session is provided while one rests on a yoga mat with props (blanket, bolsters, pillows) or in a chair. Utilized for chronic pain, cancer and immune disorders. Can be boojed in 30-minute increments up 90 minutes. Can also be requested as an "add on" to any individual sessions I offer.

Meditation and Mindfulness: Learn about meditation and mindfulness, understand what method might be right for you, and practice guided meditation. Advice and tools for building a home practice. Sessions can be distance based (Skype or Facetime).


In (your) home sessions
• Individual Session is $85
• Package of 4 pre-booked sessions are $75 per session (some locations require travel fee). Props and aromatherapy oils included. Must be used 5 weeks from booking.

In (my) home/studio sessions or at the outdoor yoga deck
• Introductory or one-time booking for individuals is $65
• Pre-book 4 sessions and receive $10 discount. Must be used 5 weeks from booking.

I require 24 cancellation notice. Email for sliding scale dialog.


Monica’s deep knowledge of yoga as a science and a philosophy is truly impressive and this shines through her sessions. She’s always encouraging and gives calm assurance. Her teaching methods are motivating. I feel grounded after every session and a drastic change in my core. Monica provides an opportunity for personal, physical and mental development.
— Laurie B., Private Client