Somatic-based therapy: initial in-home session include short and informal assessment interview and costs $75 and then all future in-home sessions are $65 if purchased 4 at a time.

Need sliding scale? They start at $40+. Discounts are given for sessions taken at my home-studio in Detroit.


Monica’s deep knowledge of yoga as a science and a philosophy is truly impressive and this shines through her classes. Her encouraging vibe and calm assurance in her teaching methods are motivating. I feel a drastic change in my inner core. Monica provides an opportunity for personal, physical and mental development.
— Laurie B., Private Client

Functional Movement with Thai Yoga Bodywork

Functional Movement with Thai Yoga Bodywork

This is the most physically dynamic type of session. Similar to the experience of vinyasa yoga, you’ll be led through interconnected movement with some rigor, but with an updated approach (think pilates and low-impact cardio). Cues, postures and adjustments work in harmony with the human body. Your Range of motion (flexibility) and muscle strength are addressed in the context of your individual (and evolving) needs. I keep longevity of your health in mind. When I design your routine or experience, there’s care given to the development and health of both the respiratory and nervous systems.

This practice is about 90% movement and ends with 10% Thai yoga bodywork if desired. Ideally the session will leave you feeling very relaxed, and the next day you will feel a little soreness (called “delayed onset muscle soreness”). You’ll be encouraged to build a home-practice so that together we see your progress over time.

Mindful Movement with Thai Yoga Bodywork

Mindful Movement with Thai Yoga Bodywork

If you’ve ever taken a Hatha yoga class, this is similar but with an updated approach to movement and postures based on best practices of joint and muscle health. The session is designed to give an appropriate amount of physical exercise with particular attention to an individual’s concerns around injury, (perceived) physical weaknesses and/or current state of emotional health. We intentionally work with nervous and respiratory system as well. Practice is designed with “safe/brave space” in mind. You’ll be encouraged to work with your intuition in the framework of thoughtful sequences of movement and postures.

This practice is about 75% movement and ends with 25% bodywork if Thai yoga bodywork is desired. You’ll finish with a feeling of accomplishment and with a feeling of inner balance.

Restorative Yoga

Mindful Movement with Thai Yoga Bodywork

A restorative yoga sequence typically involves postures that are entirely supported by props. This allows you to completely relax and rest, which invites your body to use it’s innate wisdom for restoration and healing. Held for 3-5 minutes or more, restorative poses include twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends. You can request the addition of Thai yoga bodywork, aromatherapy and other techniques to enhance the process of “letting go”.

These sessions an excellent choice for people who do not often have a chance to relax or who are suffering from chronic stress, and is appropriate for those who have suffered trauma and need to release in a safe environment. It’s a good choice for those who never “take time for themselves” and wish to feel grounded or deeply at rest. You’ll feel calm, centered and relaxed after our session.

Somatic Support Sessions

yoga for menopause restorative yoga

Sessions are designed to support life transitions. These sessions can be very helpful for woman with peri-menopause and menopause symptoms - but the session’s principals and techniques can support you through other life transitions such as after a death of a loved one, the loss of a job, loneliness, or ongoing marital problems. The heart of the session is intuitive movement, seamlessly developed in-collaboration together with the goal of balancing the nervous system and releasing the burden of unnecessary stress. Each sessions might be very different, varying from person-to-person and from session-to-session. Some sessions develop into dynamic and challenge movement while others are quiet, relaxed and the movement is almost invisible.

The underlying principal for me is to “meet you where you are” in a respectable and safe space. You won’t be asked to “heal” or fix yourself in this space. Instead, this is a place to find respite and witness the person you are in the moment as a way of accepting life as it unfolds.

Ask if you would like these additions to your session: aromatherapy, pranayama (for improved breathing and mental clarity), yoga nidra (technique to help you face life's challenges and enhance a sense of peace and contentment), guided meditation, mindfulness practice, personalized home practice development, and herbal medicine. You can request rates for partners and small groups.